Meet Sylvia Ramsey
Sylvia La Von Ramsey  teaches Public Speaking at the Georgia Military
Community College in Augusta, GA. She is an Associate professor of
Speech Communications and coordinator of the Academic Resource
Center on campus. She says that she believes that this battle with
cancer added purpose to her life and set her on a special mission.  Like
Erma Bombeck, she hopes that when asked to give an accounting of
her life and is asked what she has left, she will be able to say, “My
pockets are empty, my dreams fulfilled, all the unused talent given to
me at birth has been used, and all the unsaid compliments and bits of
love have been spread around.  I have spent all that was given to me
and I am as naked as the day I was born.”

Writing has always been a passion of Sylvia's.  She began writing news
and feature articles for a small town newspaper in Southeast Missouri
at the age of nine.  Because of the nurturing and encouragement by the
news editor, she developed a love and a need to write.  

By the time she was working on her graduate degree, several of her
poems, short stories and feature articles had been published.  Since
that time over one hundred of her short stories and poems have found
their way into literary magazines.  She has been a featured poet in
several literary journals over the years.  Later her writing extended into
the realm of research in the field of Human Communication and her
work has been published in journals such as The Arkansas Speech
Association Journal, and The Speech Teachers Association of Missouri

Poetry has always been a very special and personal experience for
Sylvia whether she is writing her own or reading works of another
poet.  She feels that writing poetry over the years has provided her with
insight and understanding of how to navigate the many peaks and
valleys that are traveled along life's pathway.  

In 2005, a prize-winning book of poetry, Pulse Points of a Woman’s
World was published.  She was nominated for the 41st. Annual Georgia
Author of the Year Award.  

Growing up in a rural area of Missouri and being the child of a father
born in 1898, she feels that her interpretation of life spans several
generations.  This influence can be recognized in both her poetry and
her short stories.  She has experienced life at many levels.  

One of her most prized possessions is a personal letter that was
written to her by Rosemary A. Thurber giving her permission to adapt
her father's short story "The Last Clock" to be used for Readers

Mystery Novel - An Underground Jewell - Sylvia Ramsey’s first novel to
be published, An Underground Jewell and the story of Elizabeth has
been a labor of love.

The Story:
September 11, 2001.  That was only the beginning of a reign of fear
because this event spawned attacks around the globe.  Since that time,
various factions and organizations have tried to carry off a diverse
assortment of schemes to terrorize and conquer the nation.  In the
novel, the latest attempt was by an organization known as the NNO, and
even though their threat did not use armed weapons or crashing
airplanes, their success would have destroyed every concept, idea and
value upon which this country was established.   By accident, Elizabeth
Jewell finds herself in the middle of one of the most devious and
frightening technology terrorists’ plots that one might conceive, and
finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue spawned by an organization
known as the NNO.  Will she be the accused, or will she be able to clear
her name as those who are enlisted to help her pursue the real

Sylvia’s diverse background enables her to bring a multitude of talents
to the table.  In 2005, she was the White House Communications guest
speaker for their observance of Women’s History Month.  In the late
1970’s, she was one of the first DJ’s on KWOC in Missouri.  She has
been interviewed on television shows, and radio talk shows around the
country.  She is on the National Cancer Survivor’s Foundation Speaker
list.   Being survivor of bladder cancer, she is an advocate for bladder
cancer awareness, and is the Vice-President of the American Bladder
Cancer Society.  

She describes herself as a determined scrapper who will wrench all
the very best from life that she capable of conquering.  Her philosophy
of life is reflected in her
poems, "Armor For Survival" and "A Tired
Armor For Survival

et me love
though love
may go unrequited,
An empty heart
is much heavier
than a stone.

Let me have faith
though faith
be often blighted.
Without it
we are not
strong enough
to walk alone.

Let me laugh
even if it
is bitter laughter
Mocking my own
carefully kept
secret sorrow.

and laughter...
with these
three gifts,
I need not fear
tomorrow, nor, tomorrow.

Sylvia L. Ramsey
Copyright 2004
My Mantra
This is one of the poems in the book,
Pulse Points of a Woman's World,
I wrote the poem below to remind
myself of what was important.  It
hangs above my computer where I
work and any time I worry about what
tomorrow may bring or the fears I
have today, I read it and reflect on my
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Who is Sylvia?
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You will hear me reading  three
poems from the section
"Pulse Points of Love"
found in the book
Pulse Points of a Woman's World.
The poems are:
"Request of Love"
"A Rose for You"
Armor For Survival Poem
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