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Student Advocates for Bladder Cancer Awareness
By Roy Akridge - The GMC-Augusta  Journal Winter 2006

The GMC-Martinez  Bladder Cancer Community Service Committee sponsored a bake sale
February 15th and 16th on the Martinez campus to raise funds and promote bladder
cancer awareness. Thanks to the support of the faculty and students, the sale raised over
five hundred dollars. All the proceeds from the bake sale will benefit bladder cancer
awareness. With the support of the GMC community, the Bladder Cancer Awareness
Committee will continue to work to bring attention to this preventable cancer. Currently,
there are no lobbyists or foundations working for research, education, or financial aid for
the nearly 558,000 victims and survivors of bladder cancer. This is one of the first
committees in the United States devoted to bladder cancer awareness, and with the
continued support of the student body and the GMC faculty, this committee will continue
to grow and prosper. Thanks to the entire faculty for their donations of baked goods and
money, and also to those instructors who provided extra credit to students who donated
their time or baked goods. We would like to thank the members of the committee: Billy
Holsonback, Pam Calliham, Libby Barnett, Christina Dykes, Jason Bender, Stephanie
Shaw, Justin Hunsucker, and Roy Akridge. They put in many hours at the table greeting
students and offering information about bladder cancer.  A very special thanks goes to
Kristina Collins for her help and devotion. Kristina is currently not enrolled in GMC but
took time out of her busy schedule to volunteer and chair the community division of the
committee. We would also like to thank Mrs. Mary Ann Prendergast, who always
volunteers to help with student activities.  If you or someone you know is interested in
becoming a volunteer, contact Mrs. Ramsey in the E-library for further information. Also
look for many more committee sponsored activities in the near future.
On Saturday, April 15, the committee will have an information table and fundraising event
at the Evans WalMart.  We could use volunteers to man the table.
May 6 is the date scheduled for the
Trash & Treasures Yard Sale to be held on the
Martinez campus lawn.  Spaces are 5’ X 10’ and will be $10 each.  
Vendor information is
available.  Contact any of the committee chairpersons or the committee advisor, Sylvia
Ramsey, for more information.  Spaces are available  to the public.  Proceeds will go
toward our yearly goal.  
Both of these activities will need volunteers and are your chances for community service.  
Bake Sale Success -
Trash & Treasures Yard Sale
Planned  For May 6
GMC Augusta Community College Students
Adopt Bladder Cancer Awareness & Advocacy
as Their Community Service Project

We here at GMC have been busy in our campaign for
bladder cancer awareness.  Since the first of February, we
have placed over 2500 of the information brochures in the
community and are still working to get more out there in
the public.  
The student committee have fund raising  goal of $5,000 by
November and they really hope to exceed that amount.
In order to reach their fund raising goal they are selling
books, awareness pins, promoting the items in the
BCSisterhood Shoppe (the proceeds from the shop will go
to help them make their goal, holding bake sales and a yard
sale.    They hope to participate in area health fairs.  Other
events are on the drawing board.
GMC-Augusta Students’
Bladder Cancer Advocacy
Community Service Project
$ 5000

$ 4000

$ 3000

$ 2000

$ 1500

$ 1000

$ 500
Make donations to:
Students’ Bladder
Community Service
115 Main Street
Martinez, GA 30907
Sponsors of this community
Service project is the
GMC-Augusta Student Government
The GMC-Augusta Journal
newspaper staff.
Read the Winter 06 issue of
The GMC-Martinez Journal
Trash & Treasures Yard Sale Information
and Form
A big "Thank You" to everyone
who is helping us
to reach our goal.
Donations made in memory
of Charles Ramsey,
husband of Sylvia L. Ramsey.
Heidi and J.C.  Carruthers
Kip Hamilton
Martha Stewart
Mark Stewart
Johema and Charles Pinkerton Jr.
Janet Russell
Vergie Emmons
Rosie and Leonard Crawford
Sandra Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. Garfinkel
Various GMC Faculty & Staff
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The GMC-Martinez Journal
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