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Pulse Points of a Woman's World
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BC Bumble Bee
My Mascot

According to the laws of physics
a bumble bee can't fly because
his wings are too small for his
size and mass.  No one has told
him he can't, so, he flies anyway.  
With this attitude the fight against
Bladder Cancer can be won!  
Join me in the fight!
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"Bladder Cancer:
What eveyone Should Know"

"Bladder Cancer:
A Survivor's Journey"


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Sharing My Journey"

"Using Poetry to Survive a Crisis"

"Oral Interpretation of Literature:
A Vehicle for Literature Appreciation"

"Reader's Theatre:
An Art Form For All to Enjoy"
BC Sisterhood
Bring about awareness, advocate research, and
support for women who are victims or may become
victims of bladder cancer.
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