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Author and 16 Year Bladder Cancer Survivor
Writes to Bring About Awareness of Bladder Cancer

Most people do not realize that in the United States bladder cancer is the 5th. most prevalent cancer in both
men and women. Based on rates from 2005-2007, 2.39% of men and women born today will be diagnosed with
cancer of the urinary bladder at some time during their lifetime. This number can also be expressed as 1 in 42
men and women will be diagnosed with cancer of the urinary bladder during their lifetime. There are
approximately 600,000 men and women today in the U.S. who are survivors of bladder cancer. The estimated new
cases and deaths from bladder cancer in the United States in 2010 are: New cases: 70,530 and Deaths: 14,680.
Because there was little information available when she was diagnosed with bladder cancer, she has made it her
mission to make a difference and change this.

"Since I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I have interacted with many women and men who also had the same
thing," says Ramsey. The more I interact with people in all walks of life, the more I realize how little people know
about this type of cancer.

Sixteen years ago, Ramsey experienced a life changing bladder infection. The blood that was noticed in her
urine did not go away. The antibiotics did not solve the problem. Eventually she saw an urologist and underwent
medical tests that showed she had bladder cancer, an invasive type that penetrated the muscle wall of her
bladder. A surgery to remove her bladder included a radical hysterectomy, was followed by reconstruction to
rebuild a bladder using a section of her colon, and is referred to as an Indiana pouch. A section of her small
intestine was used to connect to the umbilical site. It makes for an excellent cosmetic result and is easier to

I have been very lucky, I have not experienced follow-up infections, but I was thrown into early menopause and
body image concerns, says Ramsey. Writing has forced me to look as what is really important "Living life, not
necessarily the weighty things that distract us." Her writing became a way for her not only increase awareness of
bladder cancer, but provides a way to raise funds to support the American Bladder Cancer Society of which she
is Vice-President.

Since she was diagnosed with bladder cancer, she has written three books: Pulse Points of a Woman’s World (a
book of poetry), An Underground Jewell (an espionage novel set in the near future) and her most recent book,
Merchild Land which is a picture book in full color. All of the monies earn from the sale of her books go to the
American Bladder Cancer Society. Her latest goal is to raise at least $12,000 with her latest book.

Ramsey has become an avid speaker about importance of knowing the symptoms and risk factors for bladder
cancer. Blood in the urine and urine frequency are symptoms that should not be ignored. Urologists have tests
to pinpoint the cause of the symptoms. Bladder cancer has the highest recurrence rate of all cancers. Ramsey
also says that individuals with a history smoking, exposure to chemical dyes, arsenic and other chemicals are all
at risk for bladder cancer. Medical studies have shown that firefighters, hairstylists working with permanent
dyes, leather and textiles workers are among the occupations linked to bladder cancer.

Even when the medical care is excellent, there are still emotional issues that bladder cancer patients
experience that are not addressed. There are no local bladder cancer support groups. There are no marathons
or large fundraising events to support this type of cancer. However, there is a place for patients, caregivers and
family, the website: of the American Bladder Cancer Society ( where bladder
cancer patients can share stories, chat and share, gather information and keep up with the latest research.

For more information about Sylvia Ramsey’s experience with bladder cancer, the American Bladder Cancer
Society or details about her new book, contact her at or call 706-951-7893. You
can also find out more at:

I am booking speaking engagements to share my story and to educate others about this disease.  I can only hope
that others will join my quest to fight this little known disease called bladder cancer that is ranked 5th in

Topics for Presentations are listed on the
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One of my favorite poems from the book,
Pulse Points of a Woman's World.

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Nominated for the 41st. Annual Georgia Author of the Year Award
    A Tired Vagabond

When my feet grow too weary of walking
    through endless time and change,
When the wonder of life is gone
    and everything seems foreign or strange,
When I have played the sense-song through
    and wearied of its themes,
When I have lived life more vividly
    than all my maddest dreams,
Then I will gather all I love
    around my banquet board.
And when the songs have all been sung
    and when the wine has been poured,
When I have crashed my goblet on the floor
    and watched the crimson seep,
Then through destiny's door will I slowly leave
    with reluctant silent feet.
Sylvia L. Ramsey
Bladder Cancer Survivor
Bladder Cancer Advocate
Author - Speaker

According to the laws of
physics a bumble bee can't fly
because his wings are too small
for his size and mass.  No one
has told him he can't, so, he
flies anyway.  
With this attitude the fight
against Bladder Cancer can be
Join me in the fight!
An Underground Jewell - Mystery - Suspense - Espionage

Elizabeth Jewell, a well-known author, writes a short story that is more of an
editorial on what she sees happening in her world.  She tries to upload it into
the literary database at the database center, but gets an error message about
the upload.  A short time later, she receives a call from a CIA agent telling her
that she is being accused of trying to hack into the central database center
which is a federal offense.  Once she recovers from the shock of the accusation,
she begins her quest to clear herself, and she finds herself caught up in an
espionage conspiracy.

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New Book.
a children's
picture book
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with Jennie Montgomery,
December 21 on the
Noon Day News program.
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Merchild Land

About the Book

Begin an adventure under the sea with the mermaids and merchildren,
and then sail the ocean of the evening sky on the waves of the Milky
Way.  Merchild Land is a children's whimsical, sleepytime story that
explores the magic of the sea creating a soothing mood of wistful
verse. Illustrated in soft pastels. What better gift, than to give a child a
book. Think about a warm lap and a storybook, what is there not to
love. Reading to a child can be the key that turns a child on to reading.
Beginning with a picture book that is written in rhythmic verse is a
lovely little place where adults and children’s’ minds meet. I am an
author whose proceeds are all donated to the American Bladder
Cancer Society. It would make a great gift for any child 0 - 9 yrs old.

How the Story Began

In my earlier years of teaching, my eldest granddaughter rode to her
school with me, and she always wanted me to tell her stories about
mermaids.  Later, I wrote a poem about childhood and mermaids (which
I have included in the back of the book), and that was the beginning of
the book.  I wrote it for my granddaughter, who is now grown, but I
wanted her to have something to share with her children.  The color
scheme is related to my childhood, and a book that I had as a child that
has been kept and cherished over the years.  My wish is that this book
will be one that some other children will want to keep and cherish.
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Pulse Points of a Woman's World

One review said, “I didn't know quite what to expect, but the title
called to me, and I answered.  Each line flowed like a life-giving
river refreshing memories and giving them a burst of life for a
fleeting moment. I want to thank the author of this poetic collection
for taking me where I had not dared to go on my own. Nor would I
have been able to stir these ashes without her gifted pen. Thank
you for this nostalgia. For indeed emotions that die when we forget,
come to life when we remember. Thank you for helping me
remember beauty and sorrow that I had forgotten. I hope many
woman will find and dare to read this treasure that you, Sylvia
Ramsey, have put into our 'woman's world'.”
Pulse Points of a Woman’s World

A journey though time from childhood to mature
adulthood.  The poems in this book reflect the lows
and highs of life.  The loving memories, and the
things we learn as we travel the road of life.

Many of the poems in the book had previously been
published in literary magazines.  The book is divided
into four-sections which are:  Youth, Love, Reality,
and Wisdom. The poems in the book are illustrated.  
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A Reader's Review:   I just read a newly release book, An Underground Jewell by Sylvia L. Ramsey.  I found this book
on Amazon.  Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down until I finished.  It is an espionage novel set in the near
future.  The plot kept me intrigued, there were other mysteries along the way to be solved, and the main character was
fascinating.  I recommend this as a good read for anyone who likes mystery, espionage or even just a good novel. I
usually read Clive Cussler(adventure, Michael Connelly (Detective stories), and John Gardner(spy),WEB Griffin( War
and Spy).

This novel also reflects what William Lutz, a  Professor of English at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey, talks
about in his book, New Doublespeak: Why No One Knows What Anyone's Saying Anymore, “As doublespeak fills our
public discourse, we have become more and more hardened to its presence. Our tolerance for doublespeak has
increased along with the growth of double-speak. While the simpler examples such as "sales credits" for bribes and
kickbacks, "mental activity at the margins" for insanity, and "transportation counselors" for people who sell cars still
usually elicit some contemptuous remarks, the more skillful and subtle forms of doublespeak too often pass unchallenged
and unanalyzed. More importantly, they pass with no one calling attention to the way in which they insult our intelligence,
corrupt public discourse, and ultimately undermine that which holds us together as a nation.”

The novel takes this current trend to manipulate language, and projects it into a future that provides a scenario where a
group of terrorists realize that they can use language as a weapon to take control of our nation.